A Retrospective:

Nii Oketetsie Sango Bortierayer II 2012 – 2014

NiiSango-300x235I, Nii Oketetsie Sango, have truly wallowed in these past years as a devoted member of the Gadngme Kpee Organization. Exemplifying altruism at its highest degree, I am genuinely grateful for the opportuntity that was bestowed upon my pallet of responsibility. My heart and care for the organization has parlayed into a legacy that will live with me and my family forever in amends to my completion of my service.

As president, I devoted myself to ensure the fruition of a new interactive website, registering the organization with the Texas State Board, obtaining a 501C3 and turning the GaDangme Kpee into an official non-profit organization.

Helping Schools in Ghana has to be the highest pinnacle ever reached in this organization. I am proud to say that the members in the GaDangme Kpee of Greater Houston  have contributed their time and care into the success and expansion of this program. I truly appreciated the experience  of  working  with my family  and the dedicated members who have the best interest for our culture.

My family and I are thankful for the Gadangme Kpee experience.